Why Mr Merkle

Why Mr Merkle?

There are a few honest reasons why we started Mr Merkle. It’s a sad reality that many of the reasons that we started Mr Merkle weren’t positive ones. The main one was that it was simply frustrating, to get into the market, to keep your funds safe, and to trust who you’re dealing with.


The big one, when you trade in a new industry like cryptocurrencies is trust. Trust is everything. Mr Merkle is an Australian PTY LTD company that is actively engaged with AUSTRAC. AUSTRAC is the financial regulatory service for Australia. They give companies oversite and direction. They make certain that the companies follow correct procedure and are governed by safe and legitimate businesses.


Australian owned and operated

A lot of Cryptocurrency exchanges are based offshore. This means that if god-forbid, they do go bust or are corrupt, there is no way to get your funds back. Mr Merkle is an Australian based cryptocurrency exchange that provides you with the security of locality. This means that we are local and contactable. If you have any concerns, you know that you’ll be able to get in touch easily.


Easy trading

Mr Merkle is designed to be simple to use. From registration to account management. Trading is made easy. It’s only a few small steps to having your investment live and humming.

If you have and questions regarding using Mr Merkle feel free to get in contact today.

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