This is the week in Ethereum from the 23 October to 30 October.

Ethereum price

The price of Ethereum increased from 293.21USD to 305.21USD over the course of the week. This increase was was after a decrease over the last month from around 32 billion. Showing a slight return over the course of three weeks.

The current state of Ethereum 

Ethereum remained the number two coin in the market, with the next closest coin being Bitcoin cash.

Ethereum Market Cap

The Ethereum market cap increased from 28,111,453,060USD to 29,106,827,254USD over the course of the week. With the robust trading of 382,781,000USD daily trading at the time of writing.

Ethereum based tokens

Ethereum currently has over 50 tokens on its Blockchain

Ethereum’s Technological advancements

Ethereum currently has 4,469,151 nodes active. This maintains its status as a decentralised Blockchain.

Ethereum’s roadmap has not been broken and their development has remained consistent. Notably, it had the Byzantium hard fork slated for the 31st of October.


All metrics were provided by coin market cap.

All release notices were sourced from the Ethereum development team.

As always, safe trading.

Mr M