The pumps and dumps

Crypto is volatile, we all know it, we’ve all seen it. It has its ups and downs like nothing we’ve ever seen before. With billions of dollars being traded between Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin a day, it’s not all that surprising. 

It doesn’t matter what the currency is, it appears that the only constant is change. Today, on this auspicious day, we are going to introduce you to a few of our favourite terms.


When the market has an influx of currency and the board is green, it seems like every coins a winner and graphs are never going to stop climbing.


The market has turned, abandon ship, Ethereum is crashing and Bitcoin is not far behind. Woah and forbearance the man who is willing to enter these waters.

Market cap

The full kitty; every penny, dime, cent, nickel, ruble, yen or renminbi in the pot. This shows the total value of every coin that is tracked and traded, giving an insight into the total state of the market.

Flash crash

The bots have aligned in one mighty army in order to destroy the market. With sale after sale triggered on top of one another. We see it happening, that catastrophic drop. The market cap drops and the board turns red.


Fiat currency is any denomination that is backed by a government. A prime example of this is the United States Dollar.

Cash out

When an individual or a company decides to pull up stakes and walk away from it all. Selling all of their Bitcoin or Ethereum, or altcoin in one big hit. The moment of truth, if that investment ended up being worth it or you’ve lost that hard earned fiat for ever.

Know the talk, walk the talk.

Mr M.